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By hiring a Construction Manager, it allows the Owner/Developer to take on as much or as little risk as they feel necessary to control to overall cost of construction.  As the Construction Manager, ARK helps mitigate any potential dilemmas that may arise in the early stages of design, by working in tandem with the design professionals.  ARK’s objective is to build trust between the Owner/Developer, Design Professionals and Sub-Contractors. By doing so, ARK can optimize performance and construction quality and at the same time, minimize potential risks, in turn saving the Owner/Developer time and money.


The following summarizes the unique relationship advantage ARK has to offer:


  • A focused approach to project delivery, methods and systems
  • Fast Track ability
  • CM and Sub-contractors involved early providing recommendations to the design team to minimize change orders, maintain quality and consistency, and provide constructability input
  • Monitor construction cost during the design process
  • Enhanced risk management lowering potential risk to cost creep
  • Skillfully navigate the design time frame producing a significantly shorter construction delivery process while evoking the best value possible.
  • Jump start shop drawings, submittals, engineering systems, materials and equipment procurement.

Minimize unforeseen conditions which may derail the schedule